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We look for reliable partners!

MoreThanDigital Insights is a leading platform to analyze companies with a 360° approach to give deep and precise insights into several aspects of a company. MoreThanDigital takes great care to maintain neutrality as an independent platform, which means we never offer consulting services. We are looking for reliable partners to help our customers get to the next step by offering solutions, consulting, coaching, and other services after they finish their company's assessment.

Becoming a partner will give you the opportunity for new customers, open up new business opportunities, create a potential for new service offerings, and more.

Best: IT IS FOR FREE - We only ask for your support

What does Insights offer?

Holistic Company Overview - For EVERY Industry

No other tool could give you a complete overview of the "status-quo" of your company.

Now you have full overview!

All Departments covered

Do you need the full picture from every department and even create surveys? Analyze the company as a whole or deep-dive into every department -

You choose the focus! 

All Important Topics included

Business financial KPIs include People, Customers, Culture, IT, Operations, Processes, Strategy, Innoation, and Data and Analytics.

Every Topic is covered! 

Unlimited Usage with unlimited Users

Do you want your company's full picture or focus on a single topic/department? Or invite the whole company?

You choose how much insight you need!
Start small - grow big! 

Extensive Reports to help identify gaps and weaknesses 

The platform will give you an extensive report detailing the most urgent areas for improvement. These numbers and results guide finding gaps and areas of improvement or excellence.

As a partner, you can use it to help companies perform better. You can help them understand the reports and consult in these areas or use them as a basis for your coaching.

1) Quantitative Finance Insights

- Important financial comparisons
- KPIs for the whole company and every department
- Advanced KPIs for specific insights

2) Company Maturity Insights

- Processes & Operations
- People & Culture
- Customers & Engagement
- Data & Analytics
- IT & Technology
- Strategy & Innovation

MoreThanDigital Insights Reports

150+ Public Partners

Supported by over 150+ ministries, EU commissions, organizations, instituations and economic development agencies.

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How to use Insights as Partner?

Insights will give you a holistic, neutral, and deep understanding of a company. This information can help you throughout the customer journey - your imagination is the limit.


Need a neutral source for recommendations, consulting suggestions, and common ground for conversations with your customers? Use Insights to get an overview of pain/gains, discuss these areas before starting projects, and even upsell with detailed data-driven recommendations. 

During Project

Use Insights to get a detailed view of a company. MoreThanDigital Insights will help you better advise and consult. With the detailed report, you have the basis to find high-impact areas fast and create quick gains for your customers. 

Project evaluation

After the project, you can even see your impact. With this measurability, you can retain customers and increase your relationship with them. 

Only 3 Steps to become a Launch Partner


Fill out the form

Our launch partners get free access, free premium accounts, free marketing help, free presence at MoreThanDigital, and more. Tell us why you would fit as a partner and apply. 

Partnership Meeting

We discuss potential opportunities to use Insights to your advantage and offer better customer service and insights. 

Listing, Support and Promotion

When accepted as a partner, you will get access to the partner list, be listed as solution provider, be added to the launch campaign, and we will help you set everything up. 

Help your customers - data-driven!
Focus on the customers' needs and offer better support and services.

What do I get as a Launch Partner?

  1. Unlimited Insights Premium Accounts*
    Probably one of the most valuable offerings. During the launch period, you get unlimited premium accounts for your customers - no worries, there is no lock-in for your customers. Insights will always be available in the free version due to our #bethechange commitment.
  2. Free Insights Partner Profile*
    Get listed as a Partner in our Solution-Provider selection. When companies finish their assessment, they can find you for help.
  3. Launch Campaign Inclusion
    Be named in our launch campaign and profit from the media buzz, our partner network, and the support from ministries and organizations. 
  4. Get Free Marketing Support
    We will help you to make the most of your partnership. We will consult you on how to best leverage it, present it, and position yourself as Insights and data-driven expert.
  5. Get a Free Company Membership*
    As a Launch Partner, you also get a free MoreThanDigital Company Membership worth up to 10.000 EUR/USD.  

Become a launch partner 
& get our free partner packages
and additional benefits! 

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